Careers: Getting in to Medicine
3 Sep 2021

Careers: Getting in to Medicine

Careers got off to a flying start this year as we took up an invite from the British Medical Association to get our top science students involved in the ‘Making it in medicine: insights into studying and working in the medical field’ webinar.

The five top students from year 7-11 were selected as they had previously spoken to their teachers or displayed a huge interest in medicine; we felt they would benefit from hearing the stories of a diverse group of doctors and students from across the wide field of medicine.

Topics included doctors' school experiences, the university application process and the importance of gaining work experience, which doesn’t necessarily have to be for the NHS. One particular message was referenced on multiple occasions though - never give up, even though doors may not appear to be open, they are most certainly never closed in the world of medicine!

Well done to all students who took part and a big thank you to the British Medical Association for arranging and hosting this event.

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