27 May 2021

Football and Boxing Update

Year 8 Inter-form Football

In the final week of last term, with lockdown regulations easing, the PE department were able to hold their first interform competition of the year.

The sport was mixed 7-a-side football with Year 8. The format was easy: forms would play other forms from their side of the year in a league system, with the top two forms playing against each other in the finals.

The league stages were played with lots of passion and excitement. There was nothing much between the teams. However, the two victorious forms were Grove and Kent.

The final had the same flair as the league matches and, at full time, the scores were level and a sudden death penalty shoot-out was the only way to decide the winners.

In the end it was Grove who were victorious.

The PE department would like to thank all the Year 8 pupils who showed lots of sportsmanship, and those who did not play brought bundles of support. We would also like to thank the Year 8 team who helped organise their teams and helped with running the event.

Year 9 Boxing and Football

The Year 9s have been going to Boxing and Football clubs after school this term. It's been great to see the commitment of a number of students who religiously attend. We are, of course, always looking for more! The football club has been steadily growing especially since football at break times has opened up. The last week of term saw Marlborough crowned Interform football champions. Ms Cassells was proudly walking around the school telling everyone who would listen that her form group came out on top. The next big competition will be Sports Day!

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