14 Apr 2021

British Science Week

Covid-19 Lesson

Students from Years 7-12 learned about how viruses replicate and how vaccines are designed; this was linked to content that they had already learned in the curriculum. The session then took students through how the Covid-19 vaccines were made and how they work. This was a very informative lesson for students and all of them were extremely engaged and asked many questions to gain a deeper understanding of the virus that we are all currently living through.

Careers with Physics Talk

Our Year 12 physicists spent time thinking through where their qualification could take them after school. We heard from Physics graduates in jobs ranging from climate science to illustration, and how the skills they are currently honing could be transferable to their future career.  

Mars Rover Landing

February half term was a big week for space exploration! Several classes from Year 7-10 learnt about NASA’s successful landing of Perseverance on Mars, including why it was in the headlines and what the point of sending it was. We are looking forward to seeing the data sent back from the Rover and whether it finds any biosignatures in the Jezero Crater.

Year 10 Nuclear Graduate Careers Talk

Perfectly timed with our lessons on Nuclear Decay, one of our Year 10 triple science classes attended a live seminar provided by The STEM Ambassador Hub Trans-Pennine. It was great to hear from such a wide range of people all working in nuclear careers, and the different routes they took to where they are today.

Gillian Morgan from Janssen Science Ireland

Students in Year 12 Chemistry got to listen to a talk by Ms Gillian Morgan from Janssen Sciences Ireland. She discussed her journey through education from studying to become a science teacher, to returning to university to study Chemical Engineering, which led her through a series of exciting opportunities to working with this well-known pharmaceutical company. Students got to learn about all of the different stages that go into designing a product before it can be launched to market. 

Natasha Rickett PhD talk

Students in Year 12 Biology had a very exciting talk from Dr Natasha Rickett who spoke about her time in academia where she worked with many viruses including Ebola and Zika in Guinea, The Gambia, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. This was extremely engaging for students who asked many questions. She then went on to speak about her current occupation which is science publishing where she works as a scientific consultant for pharmaceutical companies such as those designing vaccines for Covid-19. This was also very interesting for our students.

'How to Get a Job in Space' Seminar

Run by RAL Space, students had the opportunity to listen to a scientist, an engineer and a technician who shared their stories of how they got into their jobs via different routes. They also shared information about the exciting space projects that they are working on at the moment.

Practical Work 

Year 10 and 11 students did a practical on manufacturing biodegradable polymer from natural resources; the polymer can break and decompose with less negative environmental impact.

Year 9 investigated the possibilities of prints on fabric using electricity and also understood how electrolysis could be used within a futuristic high resolution printing machine. 

Construction Youth Trust: Year 9 Forces and Pressure Workshop

Year 9 took part in an online workshop which challenged students to consider the importance of forces and pressure when designing and constructing a new building.

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