17 Dec 2020

Debate Mate - Year 8

This year, Debate Mate has relaunched itself as an exclusive opportunity for Year 8 students at Chiswick. We are expecting to continue our high achievements at regional and national competitions such as the Debate Mate Cup Final.

Students will learn the art of debating and how to debate in a formal setting for one hour from 15:15 to 16:15 on Monday each week. Debating techniques are delivered through a series of fun and interactive exercises and games.

Debating is shown to improve students’ critical and creative thinking, teamwork, leadership, empathy and self-management. Students who have been on the programme see substantial progress in their speaking and listening skills and their engagement with school. A wide range of students have been shown to benefit (and enjoy!) these clubs.

There have been some newcomers to Debate Mate this year and more are still welcome as the programme continues into next term. Students have now begun to prepare for the first round of regional competitions which are scheduled to take place virtually in January 2021.

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