3 Nov 2020

Performing Arts Christmas Performances

Preparations are well under way for a number of 'performances' for the Christmas period. The productions will all be streamed on YouTube; we will be advertising the dates nearer the time. 

The scheduled productions will be:

Pantomimes for the primary schools - Year 10

Mini Christmas stories - Year 8 

The year 8s have been working on retelling some of the classic Christmas stories from the nativity to The Snowman. Each story has been condensed into a few minutes, with some surprising and hilarious results. 

The 12 Days of Christmas - Year 7

The first production from Year 7 sees a young girl inadvertently ordering a little too much from her Amazon prime account! 

A special dance programme, filmed at Chiswick House, and performed by year 7, 11 and 12. A combination of solo pieces from our Year 11 and 12 dancers, as well as a specially commissioned piece called 'Juliet' that retells the story of 'Romeo and Juliet' in dance form, from the perspective of Juliet. These dances are being filmed at Chiswick House, both outside and in the conservatory. 

Be My Baby - Year 12 Performing Arts

The year 12s will perform their first play of the year: 'Be My Baby' is the story of a young girl in 1960s England who is sent to a convent to give birth to her illegitimate baby, and then has to hand it over for adoption. 

Rehearsals for these shows have been complicated to say the least, but the students have really come up trumps and created some very good performances; so grab your popcorn and be ready to sit down and watch these plays.

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