26 Oct 2020

Form Rep Speeches for School Council

During the first half term, the students across Years 7-11 have put themselves forward to become class representatives. At Chiswick School we acknowledge that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education. Student Voice is the system we use to give students the opportunity to participate actively in their school, community and the education system, contributing to decision-making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas.

Being a rep is an exciting opportunity for students to have their voices heard and represent the members of their form group on matters that are important to the students.

‘During the speeches some braved the class without notes, others with carefully prepared presentations. To put themselves forward in their first few weeks at Chiswick was an achievement in itself.’ Ms Kitteringham (Student Council Lead)

One student, Megan, said that individually the students in Year 7 are like keys or notes, but that 'together we could be a masterpiece'.

Another student, Niamh, gave multiple examples of leaders who were in a leadership role for a short amount of time throughout history, and explained that it was not a disadvantage but an advantage.

All in all there are 63 form representatives. This week they have started to meet their Learning Co-ordinators and will be discussing topics that are important to them and the school.

Well done to all the students who put themselves forward and to those that were voted in to represent their forms.

We look forward to hearing what projects the council have planned for the year ahead .

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