20 Oct 2020

Delicious updates from the Food Department

Year 7 and 8 Cooking club

Year 7 and 8 have been showing off their baking skills in the after school cooking club!

Year 8 have been making chocolate and vanilla marble cake. The students start off by whisking together the usual ingredients for a sponge cake - butter, eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla. Then, they separate the mixture into two parts and ‘fold’ cocoa powder into one part. The students spoon the chocolate and vanilla mixtures alternately and use a wooden skewer to merge or ‘feather’ the mixtures together, making a pretty pattern!  Not an easy skill trying to make a defined pattern with cake mixture!

Year 7 have been making chocolate shortbread cookies using an electric whisk. This includes adding egg yolk to bind the mixture together and add even more flavour.  Many of the students learned how to use an electric whisk and a paring knife for cutting up small chunks of chocolate. They rolled the shortbread mixture into small ball shapes and then used a spoon to flatten. 

The majority of Year 7 have not worked in the Food room yet, however, they were super impressive by following hygiene and safety rules and also reading their recipes very carefully.  A brilliant level of focus meant their cookies were of an extremely good quality! Well done Year 7! 

Year 11 Hospitality and Catering - developing preparation and cooking skills

Year 11 excelled themselves yet again with a great deal of hard work learning how to portion a whole chicken and make two dishes from the joints. Students had to remove the wing, legs and breast from the chicken and then separate the joints e.g. wing and winglet; thigh and drumstick. (Some students took their carcass home to make a chicken stock or chicken soup to reduce the level of waste.)

Year 11 then had to make a highly skilled dish with the chicken breast - Chicken Kiev which is a chicken breast stuffed with garlic butter and coated in breadcrumbs. Students butterflied the chicken breast and made their own garlic butter and breadcrumbs.  Once the breast was stuffed and coated, it was shallow-fried and then baked. The other joints (drumsticks, thighs and wings) were marinated in a sticky honey, soy and pineapple sauce, then baked in the oven.

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