9 Oct 2020

Hello Yellow: raising money for Young Minds UK

Chiswick School took part in #HelloYellow to raise awareness and vital funds to support the charity Young Minds UK

Lockdown has had and continues to have a devastating effect on children and young people’s mental health. It’s been unbelievably hard, but together, we can make a difference and show young people they are not alone.

On Friday 9th October, we took part in #HelloYellow to raise awareness and vital funds to support the charity Young Minds UK whose mission is to ensure young people get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties.

Throughout the day, we ran a series of events and activities, including their first ever whole school virtual assembly! Students took part in fundraising activities involving wearing something yellow, preparing & selling cream tea to staff, a raffle and games. All of the events and activities were run by the Year 7 enterprise team and the Year 8-11 Mental Health Ambassadors. The Art department also created ‘Wellbeing Trees’ in every year group area of the school. Students can add to them by writing a note on a ‘leaf’ detailing either a way they support their own wellbeing or something that they believe will help another young person’s mental health.

The #HelloYellow day was a huge success in raising awareness in the school community and beyond, as well as raising a fantastic £632.41.  

“As a school we fully support young people's mental health. Once again, Friday proved to us how much of a community the school is. The day was full of joy and togetherness with the whole school focusing on the importance of our mental wellbeing and supporting each other.” Paula Middleton, Assistant Headteacher

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