Science Taster Lessons
22 Sep 2020

Science Taster Lessons

Biology Taster Lesson

We had a fantastic turnout of Year 11 students for the A-Level Biology taster session with Mr McNamara and Ms Heffernan. Students learned the in-depth structure of a cell membrane and the factors that affect the membrane and its functions. Students also participated in a practical where they put pieces of plant tissue (beetroot) in different temperature environments and then carried out colorimetry to read the absorbance of the solutions formed.

If you missed out on this session there’s another opportunity to take part in this exciting session on Monday 30th November 2020.


Chemistry Taster Lesson

Year 11 students experienced an A-Level Chemistry practical on Wednesday 16th September 2020.

They explored making a standard solution - a solution whose concentration is known accurately - and then used it to find the concentration of dilute acid by titration.

It was impressive to see the students already so capable in this KS5 practical session then learn new skills that will be expected of them when they study A-Level Chemistry.

For any student who missed out this time, there will be another opportunity to attend an A-Level Chemistry taster session on Wednesday 25th November 2020.

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