Homemade masks fundraiser
25 Sep 2020

Homemade masks fundraiser

All of our teachers have been given a specially made face mask, with the Chiswick emblazoned logo on it and are wearing them with pride. However, every now and then they want something a little different. 

Mr Robinson and his partner have been busy making face masks for a fundraising venture. The fund is to buy a young lady in Poland a much-needed flute so she can continue her studies at a prestigious Polish Music Academy. The flute she needs is unfortunately beyond her means and, without it, she is unlikely to progress and reach her goal of playing in a Philharmonic Orchestra. 

The masks are made with 100% cotton and can be made to most designs, including having initials embroidered on to them; we will soon have festive ones as well! A number of teachers are now wearing the mask, and it is hoped that soon we will be able to buy the flute. For more information and to donate, please visit:

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