28 Feb 2020

EAL: Supporting your child with homework

All parents can help their children with homework and develop their understanding of what they have learned in school. For EAL parents, it’s often best to spend time talking to your child in your first language about homework and concepts learned at school.

Ways to help your child:

  • Ask questions and talk about the topics they have studied in your first language.
  • Have access to a bilingual dictionary.
  • Encourage them to write down any new words in English or your first language to help them remember them.
  • If they do not understand something, encourage them to ask the teacher to explain it again.
  • Discuss topics in your first language to help your child to understand the ideas more thoroughly, as they will be talking about them in the language they know best.
  • Take your child on visits to places that support their learning, such as museums or libraries, to find out more about the subject.
  • If you can’t read English yet and you want to help your child with their school reading, ask them to read you the story in English and then talk in your first language about what happened, what the characters said and did, what you both liked about the story, how it ended and so on. You could also find the same book in your first language and read it together.
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