19 Feb 2020

Children's Mental Health Week

MIND Charity leads Mental Health Ambassador training

Chiswick School students have amazing opportunities throughout their time here: opportunities to be involved in changes within the school that benefit other students, opportunities to develop their learning and broaden their range of skills.

On 17th and 19th February, thirty one students from Year 7 to Year 12 took part in a Mental Health Ambassador training workshop. The aim of this workshop was to train students to be the face of support for students' mental health at Chiswick School. Students learned how to work together to support fellow peers in times of difficulty, to know where to signpost their peers to and to identify what we can be doing as a school to support and raise awareness of mental health.

Students were involved in an intensive full-day session led by our wonderful MIND charity representatives, Emily and Molly. Each of the students had signed up for this prior to the training and individually have a multitude of reasons as to why working to develop a whole-school approach to mental health is important to them. The workshop challenged students to consider why people have mental health issues, what contributes to these issues, what factors can influence mental health both inside and outside of school and importantly what they can do to make a change within our school environment.

Students were challenged during this training to consider how mental health can impact people, to understand what the stigma is around mental health, including the reasons why people may or may not reach out for support. Students were passionate, clear and creative in their discussions and ideas of what this will physically look like when it has been designed and put into place. Students are excited to get started with this project and are looking forward to working closely with the MIND charity to support them.

I am immensely proud of every single student that was part of this first round of Mental Health Ambassador training. I am truly excited to work with this project and see their hard work pay off. The students have some exciting activities planned. Watch this space!

Ms Middleton

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