24 Feb 2020

Junior Football Team Success

Last half term saw the Junior Girls' Football team play two of their league games. The games were played a day apart and on both days the girls were fantastic. Our first game was played against Rivers Academy; Chiswick girls were determined and driven to be successful within their game and their hard work and dedication paid off. In the first half, excellent teamwork and communication saw us go 2-0 up. The second half started off with Rivers trying to put additional pressure on our defence, however, some excellent defending from Milly and Rosie managed to keep Rivers Academy from making an attempt on goal. The second half also saw us gain our third and final goal, with the game finishing 3-0 to Chiswick.

The next day we came up against Gumley School, who are known for their sporting achievements and therefore we knew we were in for a good, challenging game. Gumley was hot on our heels when we were in possession of the ball which made it very difficult to find space to create a scoring opportunity. Gumley was first to score, and had scored an additional goal before we saw a wonder-goal from Kendra which put us right back in the game. The second half brought the same level of challenge with both teams determined to take a win away from this game. The final score was 3-2 to Gumley, with a last minute goal giving them the win.

All of the girls deserve a special mention for their performances. The girls were truly fantastic and represented Chiswick with pride. Let's see what our upcoming games have in store for us. Special mention to Samantha and Amal for filling-in as goalkeepers in a time of need.

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