18 Feb 2020

Allotment Update

The three groups of students that help at the allotment have been working extremely hard recently: planting, digging over the plot and getting it ready for the spring season. In addition, we have been pruning the trees at the back of the plot so that we can fit in the new shed and the bee hives we’re planning to acquire this term. We are very grateful to the support of a number of parent volunteers who are helping us with both of these projects.

A few weeks ago, Dharma Tamang, a grandfather of two students, at the school kindly donated a large number of strawberry plants and raspberry canes. The Year 8 boys’ group spent a busy afternoon planting these and honing their digging skills. We can’t wait for the fruit to ripen in the summer. The boys were also delighted to be given a pair of wellies each, in order to keep their school shoes clean. One of them couldn’t work out why they were so uncomfortable until it was pointed out to him that he had them on the wrong feet!

Currently, alongside the fruit, we have garlic, shallots and cabbages in the ground. The little shoots are starting to show and we are all very excited.

We have been working alongside a local chef called Owen, who helps to make our produce into delicious products and also works alongside the students at the plot. We recently made over £80 selling chutney and jam (that he made for us) at the Christmas concert.

If you are interested in getting involved with this fantastic project in any way, please email Miss Wyatt at

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