Arts Ed Theatre trip
29 Nov 2019

Arts Ed Theatre trip

We have been building a partnership with the prestigious Arts Educational Drama School; as part of this partnership they have generously agreed to provide our students with theatre tickets, workshops and advice for our Performing Arts.

The first such event took place this week with two groups of students attending the theatre to watch the final year BA students perform a double-header. The two plays 'Loving Charlie' and 'Saving Rachel' were both well-received by the students, most of whom had never been to the theatre before. The experience for them was described by one of the students as "Amazing! Far better than watching TV. It was brilliant to watch real actors on stag, it felt so real". The students also met with the Head of Acting at the College who gave advice on how to get to Drama school, what types of plays to engage in and the importance of Shakespeare! 

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