14 Nov 2019

Agents for Change

Agents for Change is a project that was launched at the end of last year, thanks to the Mayor of London and the Hounslow Youth Association. A group of girls participated in a range of different creative writing activities in order to produce a piece which would get published in their own book. The girls also visited a publishing house which they enjoyed.

This year the girls will be taking part in a range of activities to help express themselves vocally, helping them read their pieces of writing aloud. The book will be published, a launch event will take place and it will then be up for sale. 

The students involved are: Bilen (yr9), Kadheshia (yr9), Aalanah (yr10), Ahlam (yr10), Sakeena (yr10), Charlie V (yr10), Mia (yr8), Salome (yr8), Muna (yr8).

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