Careers support at Chiswick School
5 Sep 2019

Careers support at Chiswick School

We spent some time during the summer holidays thinking about what careers support should look like at Chiswick School, so we now have a new office as well as a new careers strategy. We decided that each child should be exposed to as much careers information, advice and guidance as possible in their time with us until they leave in year 11 or 13.

Below is a brief insight into the new strategy and update of what we have coming in the new careers department.

Below are the 7 questions that Chiswick students should discover the answers to in their quest for academic excellence at Chiswick School:

Year 7: What is enterprise?

Year 8: What may I be interested in as a career?

Year 9: What are my strengths and weaknesses?

Year 10: What is the working world like?

Year 11: What do I need at this stage of my education to successfully enter the next phase of my life?

Year 12: What work experience do I want and what does the working world really look like?

Year 13: Leaving school - what next?  Supporting the application process.

Your child can visit the careers centre to gain support in answering any of the above questions. Likewise, you can get in touch with Mr Brathwaite or Ms Rees via

Tenner Challenge

We were finally able to officially reward Israa as the winner of our first ever Tenner Challenge. Israa and her team generated £265.88 from just £10 seed investment. We are sure that this year’s Tenner Challenge will be even more fiercely contested this year!

Careers competition

We launched our careers competition in assembly two weeks ago and we are excited to see the results. We look forward to announcing our careers logo, slogan and acronym in October’s newsletter.

Drop in sessions

We are always excited to hear from students, parents, carers, the Chiswick community and even ex-students about how we can do even more for our students regarding careers. So we are doing drop in sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 11.30am.  Please come along!

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