Year 7 Careers Challenge with LQ Foundation
3 Jul 2019

Year 7 Careers Challenge with LQ Foundation

L&Q along with The Construction Youth Trust delivered 2 sessions to a select group of Year 7 students on Wednesday 3rd July.

First Session - Period 2: Key Stage 3 Maths

Students were working with industry volunteers, who use maths as a principal part of their job role. This session was designed to highlight the use of maths in everyday roles and its importance within the curriculum. Interactive tasks included measuring the classroom with various tools, working out the area and deciding how much it would cost to redecorate.

Second Session - Periods 3&4: Key Stage 3 - Not Just For the Boys

This session was designed to challenge gender stereotypes, especially those formed around the construction sector. Industry volunteers interacted with students to help bust myths around the gender pay gap and lack of females in positions of power. Students were then asked to come up with arguments to debate the following.

'The construction industry wants to employ more women…’ What is getting in the way? And how can the industry change this?

Fabulous mathematical and debating skills Year 7. Well done!

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