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Please click on the expandable sections below to view staff details by department. If you would like to contact a member of staff, please either call the main switchboard on 020 8747 0031 or email with the member of staff or department name as the subject reference - we can then ensure your query is followed up appropriately.


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Ms L Ellener
Deputy Headteacher Ms J Mills
Assistant Head Ms D Bertin
Assistant Head & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms R Lake
Assistant Head & Designated Safeguarding Lead Ms P Middleton
Associate Senior Leader Mr G McNamara
Director of Transition & Registrar / Deputy DSL Ms K Emmett
Business & Resources Manager Mr D Sohal
Director of Human Resources Ms A Ramsay
Director of Teaching and Learning Ms E Cunningham
Director of Teaching and Learning Ms S Kichenside


Curriculum Team Leader            Andrew Wootton
Deputy Curriculum Team Leader Ishvinder Brar
Literacy Co-ordinator Natasha Rider
  Erica Da Silva
  Clare Ring
  Ellie Williams
  Michele Colt
  Benjamin Haywood
  Eleonaro Marino
  Nichola Payton
  Rebecca Elliott


Curriculum Team Leader Khetam Jaber
Key Stage 5 Responsibility Efstathios Nokas
Key Stage 3 Responsibility Terry Doherty
  Harp Osahn
  Kayhan Taheri
  Louise Davies
  Carys Hopkin
  Archie Foster
  Jimmy Gardner
  Matthew Lobo
  Zachary Moxon


Curriculum Team Leader  Avril Heffernan
Lead teacher Chemistry Yasmin Al-Janabi
Lead teacher Physics HCo
Director of Teaching and Learning Eilidh Cunningham
  Deepika Sharma
  Vidyavrat Terparia
  Nikolas Noton
  Cecily Aldington
  Haneen Aljobory
  Sarah Cody
  James Chishom
Associate Senior Leader Graham McNamara
  Will Rawlinson

Performing Arts

Curriculum Team Leader & Head of Music Clare Perry
Music Alexander Williams
Community Arts Coordinator and Head of Drama Tommy Robinson
Drama - Assistant Head Danielle Bertin
LCO Year 8 Nicola Wilson

Business & Economics

Curriculum Team Leader Siatta Momoh
  Ben Wilson

Citizenship & PSHE

Curriculum Team Leader & i/c LAC Andrea Kitteringham
  Jade Leach (maternity leave)
  Tweni Ubor
Careers Lead Ralph Braithwaite

Visual Arts

Art Subject Leader Panagis Matsangouras

Design Technology

DLCO                                              Beverley Simmons (Food)
  Susan Hutcheson (DT)
  Rosaria Dell-Uoma d'Ame (Textiles)


Curriculum Team Leader Adam Hudson
LCO - Year 7 Jay Chavda
EPQ Coordinator  Tulsi Pankhania
  Eleanor Ramsden
  Tweni Ubor


Lead teacher Sophie Parker
Assistant English CTL & Literacy Coordinator Natasha Rider
Assistant Head & Designated Safeguarding Lead Paula Middleton

Health & Social Care

Director of Transition & Registrar Karen Emmett
Deputy Head Jane Mills

History and Government & Politics

Curriculum Team Leader Hannah Nonnenmacher
LCO – Year 9 Tom McLoughlin
Director of Teaching & Learning Sam Kichenside
Deputy CTL Amy Lodge
More Able coordinator Ainsworth Brown
YTL Year 13 Christian Williams
  Daniel Benn

Computer Science & ICT

Curriculum Team Leader Karl Mahon
LCO Year 9 Remi Edun
  Ian Younger


Curriculum Team Leader Martin Walsh
Joint Deputy Curriculum Team Leader Natasha Kelly
Joint Deputy Curriculum Team Leader Kim Murray
Classics teacher Carmela Franco
  Ella Whitaker
  Eleanor Davies

Physical Education

Curriculum Team Leader Ben Hird
Deputy Curriculum Team Leader David Gorvin
Assistant Head (Maternity Leave) Rebecca Lake
Assistant Head Paula Middleton
LCO - Year 11 Bhupinder Gill
Culture & Character - Chiswick 6 Hugo Lewis
  Eileen Cassells

Religion and Philosophy

Curriculum Team Leader Kate Rogers
Teacher of Philosophy Sian Green
CTL Citizenship & i/c LAC Andrea Kitteringham
SENDCo Claire Lewis

Learning Coordinators (LCO)

Year Group LCO
7 Mr Chavda
8 Ms Wilson
9 Mr McLoughlin
10 Mr Edun
11 Mr Gill
12 Ms Rogers
13 Mr Williams
Head of Sixth Form Mr McNamara
Deputy Director 6th Form Ms Rogers


Form Tutors


Form Form Tutor Class Room
7BL Mr Hird/Ms Sage A7
7CH Ms Parker A3
7FI Ms Green A6
7GR Ms Elliott A14
7HA Mr Younger A9
7KE Mr Gardner A4
7MA Ms Kitteringham A10
7PA Ms Cody A8


Form Form Tutor Class Room
8BL Ms Whitaker B12
8CH Ms Nonnenmacher B22
8FI Mr Aldington B14
8GR Mr Wilson B13
8HA Ms D"Cruz B19
8KE Ms Aljobory B15
8MA Ms Hopkins B18


Form Form Tutor Class Room
9BL Miss   Pankhania B29
9CH Ms Sharma B24
9FI Mr Braithwaite B27
9GR Mr Taheri B25
9HA Ms Ramsden B23
9KE Ms Kelly/Ms Hefferman B28
9MA Ms Cassells B30


Form Form Tutor Class Room
10BL Mr Ubor B7
10CH Ms Perry B6
10FI Ms Murray B8
10GR Mr Foster B4
10HA Mr Osahn B5
10KE Ms Copley A2
10MA Mr Matsangouras A1
10PA Mr Brown A0


Form Form Tutor Class Room
11BL Ms Momoh A22
11CH Mr Mahon A23
11FI Ms Williams A24
11GR Ms Davies/Ms Dell'Uome D'Arne A26
11HA Ms Jaber A30
11KE Ms Simmons B34
11MA Ms Lodge B33
11PA Mr Hudson B35


Form Form Tutor Class Room
12BL Mr Gorvin D1
12CH Ms Payton D2
12FI Mr Walsh D8
12GR Ms Da Silva C6
12HA Ms Al-Janabi D10
12KE Mr Nokas B41
13BL Dr Doherty B31
13CH Mr Wooton E9
13FI Mr Noton B40
13GR Ms Hutcheson E2



Personalised Learning

SENDCo Claire Lewis
Deputy SENDCo Wanda Millis
HLTA Jack Gilbert
HLTA Rebecca Sage
TA Michelle Rees
TA Jackie Winward
TA Lucy Barrett
TA Miles Darrington 
TA Becky Tarry
TA Martin Laguna
TA Robert Vieira
SEND Administrator Amardeep Cooner

The Centre

Centre Manager Suzanne D’Cruz

EAL Support

EAL Coordinator Alex Pedroso

Office Staff

Director of HR Andrea Ramsay
Head’s PA Joanna Duddy
Receptionist/ Clerical Assistant Joanne Atkinson
Receptionist Rezarta Sula
Clerical Officer Agnieszka Baldyga
Finance Officer Fiz Bora
Attendance Assistant Julie Hornblow
Clerical Officer Julie Laflin
Welfare Officer Roberta Prelevic
Attendance and Student Services Manager Jacqueline Skafi
Finance Manager Martin Stokes
Clerical Officer/Midday Supervisor Mary Whelan
Examinations and Assessment Manager Alice Young
Data Manager Fiona Sim


Senior Science Deborah Hartley
Science / Eco-Coordinator Ryan Arnott
Science Dhruti Bhudia
IT Operations Manager Amit Kendal
IT Support Bruce Davis
 IT Support Nathan Kemp
Repro + Display Kam Dhaliwal
DT Linda Costello
Food Technology/Midday Supervisor Ampa McGrath

Caretaking and Maintenance

Facilities Manager Karl Palmer
Gardener Brandon Hull
Site Assistant Ray Calver
Site Assistant Terry Williams


Library Manager Mrs Williams

Sixth Form

Sixth Form Attendance Officer and LRC Supervisor Joyce Marcell
Sixth Form LRC Supervisor / Enrichment Facilitator Sue Gewanter
Sixth Form LRC Supervisor / 6th Form Admin Lesley Ward

Pastoral Support Team

Deputy Behaviour and Child Protection Lead Davina Bapuji

Cover Supervisors

Lorenzo Altieri


DLCO/LCO Year ( (Tues) Meekaeel Rashid


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