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At Chiswick, Geography seeks to provide students with knowledge of the ever-changing world in which they live. We believe that the ambitious knowledge-rich curriculum stimulates curiosity and encourages students to ask and answer questions as well as evaluate and analyse what is happening in the world around them. The Geography curriculum is dynamic and relevant. The department aims to make studying geography at Chiswick a great adventure with a purpose. With high standards of teaching and huge amounts of passion, we aim to ensure that our curriculum challenges students and allows them to become confident, independent, and determined geographers. From learning about the global economy in Year 7 to how glaciers of the past have influenced the UK of today in year 11, we want students to enjoy a broad curriculum that prepares them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the world beyond.

A Geographer at Chiswick will have extensive knowledge relating to a wide range of places, environments, and features at a variety of spatial scales, extending from local to global scale. They will understand the physical and human conditions and processes which lead to the development of, and change in, a variety of geographical features, systems, and places. They can explain various ways in which places are linked and the impact such links have on people and environments. They can make connections between different geographical phenomena they have studied. Students will be able to demonstrate greater fluency with world knowledge by drawing on increasing breadth and depth of content and contexts extending from the familiar and concrete to the unfamiliar and abstract. They will be able, with increasing independence, to choose and use a wide range of data to help investigate, interpret, make judgments, and draw conclusions about geographical questions, issues, and problems. As well as express and engage with different points of view about these both through fieldwork and research.

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Please click on the links below to view the 2021-22 Curriculum Maps for Geography.

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9 Curriculum Map

Year 10 Curriculum Map

Year 11 Curriculum Map

Year 12 & 13 Curriculum Maps

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