The intent of the English Department is to work successfully as part of a team to create and deliver a challenging curriculum which is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure that all pupils’ experience of English is stimulating, varied and provides them with the key subject knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in their bright futures.

Our aim is to facilitate the development of articulate and highly literate students who are enthusiastic readers and communicators.  The acquisition of vocabulary through reading and oracy is a cornerstone of our curriculum.


Our Key Stage Three curriculum is designed to stimulate a love of English in its many forms, from Shakespeare to contemporary poetry, whilst also equipping all students with the key subject knowledge to succeed in the future.  The depth and breadth of all students’ cultural capital is paramount to their potential success in the crucial exam years and beyond.


All pupils study and will achieve a GCSE in English Language and Literature on the AQA exam board. Click here for an overview of both the English Language and Literature GCSE courses.

Our Teachers

  • Andrew Wootton (Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Ishvinder Brar (Deputy Curriculum Team Leader)
  • Natasha Rider (Assistant CTL English/Literacy Coordinator)
  • Elizabeth Wyatt
  • Clare Ring
  • Ellie Williams
  • Eleonora Marino
  • Benjamin Haywood
  • Michele Colt

Suggested Reading List

Please click on the following link to view our suggested reading list for each genre and year group.

Recommended Reading List

Please click on the links below to view the 2020-21 Curriculum Maps for English.

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum MapYear 9 Curriculum MapYear 10 Curriculum MapYear 11 Curriculum Map

Year 12 Curriculum MapYear 13 Curriculum Map

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