At Chiswick School, one of our key priorities is to improve the literacy of all our students, whilst also inspiring a love of literature and language through the study of our  knowledge rich curriculum.  We offer students the opportunity to explore a diverse range of high quality and thought provoking literature through our classroom curriculum and our form time reading programme.  We understand the role that reading holds in helping students to understand the world around them and what it means to be human.

Our lessons are ambitious and challenging and equip students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to both tackle some of the world’s best literature, but also to find their own voice in speech and writing.  

Our curriculum is sequenced across the three key stages to build up a wealth of complementary knowledge and skills, including high leverage vocabulary which will benefit students in English, but also all other areas of our school’s curriculum.

At Key Stage 3 students will:

  • master comprehension of challenging texts, including two Shakespeare plays, classic and contemporary poetry and a range of diverse, thought provoking literature

  • be able to form extended analytical responses with a clear academic style

  • create well planned narratives, with strong characterisation and form non-fiction texts with a well established sense of purpose and form

  • develop their oracy skills though delivering speeches and engaging in structured debates

At Key Stage 4 students will:

  • study the AQA GCSE curriculum for English Language and Literature.

  • master deliberate practice in analysing challenging texts

  • create high quality fiction and non- fiction texts of their own

  • master oracy through formal presentations and public speaking

At Key Stage 5 students will:

  • study the Edexcel English Literature A-Level course; students explore a wide range of literature through the ages from Shakespeare and John Donne through to Mary Shelley, Tennessee Williams, Margaret Atwood, Romesh Gunesekera, Khaled Hosseini and contemporary poetry from a range of cultures

  • master an advanced level academic writing style to tackle challenging texts from the English literature cannon

  • explore a wide range of critical literature to synthesise personal responses to set texts and authors 

  • use masterful oracy skills to engage in high quality debates

  • partake in a range of extracurricular trips outside of the classroom including university lectures and theatrical performances of set texts, talks from actors and poetry conferences 

  • develop the independence skills necessary for success in further education

Curriculum Team Leader

Ms R. Elliott

Suggested Reading List

Please click on the following link to view our suggested reading list for each genre and year group.

Recommended Reading List

Please click on the links below to view the Curriculum Maps for English.

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum MapYear 9 Curriculum MapYear 10 Curriculum MapYear 11 Curriculum Map

Year 12 Curriculum MapYear 13 Curriculum Map

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