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Our vision at Chiswick School is to give all pupils a broad, academic and ambitious science education that leaves them well equipped for further study and the world beyond. Our curriculum is knowledge rich and follows a 5 year narrative through KS3 & KS4 through a spiral curriculum. Our curriculum is carefully sequenced based on key scientific concepts and gives all pupils in depth knowledge and understanding of key domains and allows for an equitable experience for all learners.

From their first lesson in Year 7, pupils are taught how to work scientifically and collect, analyse and evaluate data. Practical work empowers pupils to regularly improve their practical skills and carry out scientific enquiry. We incorporate core practicals in every unit where applicable from Year 7 to 11 which ensures that pupils become confident with lab techniques and apparatus whilst encouraging them to pursue further study in a scientific field. With our ever growing 6th form numbers this knowledge is proving to be pertinent for our learners progression through their science career in education.

We recognise the value of pupils being able to relate their learning to daily life and encourage problem solving during our lessons. We also endeavour to strengthen our work experience links with hospitals and pharmacies to widen our pupils' understanding of the importance of science in society. We run a popular KS3 science club and organise a range of talks, events and trips to celebrate British Science Week. We intend for our students to be curious through encouraging them to think scientifically about the world around them.

We recognise the importance of collaboration with other departments to provide pupils with clear links across the curriculum. By working with staff across the school, our pupils can develop a strong understanding of how powerful knowledge links across disciplines, for example graph analysis, personal welfare, and the environment.

The Science department is committed to closing the gap, ensuring that every learner has access to the best quality of education with this not being limited by where they started. We encourage our students to ‘talk like scientists’ throughout our lessons. We deliver quality first teaching by breaking down our curriculum to granular knowledge, exhibiting high standards of teaching and maintaining high expectations for all.

Our teachers:

Please click on the links below to view the 2021-22 Curriculum Maps for Science.

Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9 Curriculum Map

Year 10 Combined Biology Curriculum Map

Year 10 Combined Chemistry Curriculum MapYear 10 Combined Physics Curriculum MapYear 10 Triple Biology Curriculum MapYear 10 Triple Chemistry Curriculum MapYear 10 Triple Physics Curriculum MapYear 11 Combined Biology Curriculum Map

Year 11 Combined Chemistry Curriculum MapYear 11 Combined Physics Curriculum MapYear 11 Triple Biology Curriculum Map

Year 11 Triple Chemistry Curriculum MapYear 11 Triple Physics Curriculum MapYear 12 Biology Curriculum MapYear 12 Chemistry Curriculum MapYear 12 Physics Curriculum MapYear 13 Biology Curriculum Map

Year 13 Chemistry Curriculum Map

Year 13 Physics Curriculum Map

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