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Here at the Art & Design department we have one goal; enable young people to create art that is meaningful, powerful and personal. We believe that in order to give our pupils a voice we need to teach them the skills as well as the references, so that their work is both technically masterful, as well as conceptually sophisticated.

Our curriculum invites students to develop their essential drawing and painting skills, as well as explore a range of other 2D and 3D mediums and techniques. As students progress through the years they get to experiment further with printing processes, ceramics, digital editing. Parallel to developing their practical skills, students are introduced to key moments in the History of Art, spanning from prehistory to the classics, all the way to contemporary art. By exploring the styles and themes of different art periods and movements, students are able to respond more meaningfully through their own artwork. As teachers of Art & Design, we are also teachers of history, philosophy and culture to our pupils and place great value on cultural capital. Through our curriculum we aim to help our pupils become well rounded and creative individuals, as well as help them prepare for further studies and employment in the creative industry.

As a department we offer facilities and resources for painting, printing, ceramics, Photoshop editing, photography. We are a spacious department and run an after school art club.

Curriculum Content


Year 7: Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Gothic Art, Islamic Art, Japanese Art

Year 8: Barbara Hepworth, Georgia O’Keeffe, National Geographic Portraits and Fauvism

Year 9: Rules of Composition, Mixed Media, Abstract artwork, 3D construction

GCSE - AQA Exam Board

Year 10: 1st Unit: “Changes”, Under the general title, each student will choose the direction they want to take their project and the materials and techniques they will be using to produce their artwork with.

Year 11: Conclusion of 1st Unit and 2nd Unit: Externally Set Assignment (titles given to students by Exam Board)

A-Level - AQA Exam Board

Year 12: 1st Unit: “Postmodernism”, 2nd Unit: personal investigation (students choose their own theme to research)

Year 13: Conclusion of 2nd Unit and 3rd Unit: Externally Set Assignment (titles given to students by Exam Board)

Members of the Art & Design Department:

  • Rosie Back, Curriculum Team Leader of Visual Arts
  • Joanna Kubica, Art Teacher
  • Olivia Farmery, Art Teacher

Please click on the links below to view the 2021-22 Curriculum Maps for Art.

Art & Design

Year 7 Curriculum Map Year 8 Curriculum MapYear 9 Curriculum Map Year 10 Curriculum Map Year 11 Curriculum MapYear 12 Curriculum MapYear 13 Curriculum Map

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