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Physical Education


Our aim is to encourage students to develop physically and acquire the highest possible level of attainment in the skills and techniques which form part of the P.E. curriculum. Our curriculum has been designed to introduce pupils to different types of sport, and to develop their knowledge and skills in these sports throughout their time at Chiswick School.

The PE department also promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and encourages students to have an understanding of their bodies, its capabilities and needs. This is done through our pupils having access to an up to date fitness suite.

Our hope is that our pupils develop a love for sport and fitness, which they will continue to participate in after leaving Chiswick.

Our Sports Leaders Programme empowers learners to lead younger pupils through sporting activities. This programme helps build character and creates D.R.I.V.E.N learners. Our Sports Leaders develop important skills on how to work as part of a team and independently.

Through our extensive extra-curricular programme, pupils have opportunities, both competitive and non-competitive in which they can enjoy the experience and achieve success. This can be done by representing Chiswick through inter school sporting competition, or by taking part in a club for recreation. No matter their reason, our extra-curricular programme offers pupils to extend their learning from their lessons, builds their confidence, creating determined and responsible learners who can articulate their successes.'

Our teachers:

  • Mr B Hird: Curriculum Team Leader
  • Mr B Gill: LCO Year 7
  • Mr D Gorvin: Lead Practitioner
  • Miss E Cassells: Stepping Stones Coordinator
  • Mr H Lewis: Culture and Character Chiswick 6
  • Miss R Lake: Assistant Head
  • Miss P Middleton: Assistant Head

Please click on the links below to view the 2021-22 Curriculum Maps for PE.

Year 7 Core PE Curriculum Map

Year 8 & 9 Core PE Curriculum Map

Year 10 2020 GCSE PE Practical Curriculum Map

Year 10 2020 GCSE PE Theory Curriculum Map Year 10 & 11 OCR Sport Curriculum MapYear 11 2020 GCSE PE Practical Curriculum Map

Year 11 2020 GCSE PE Theory Curriculum MapYear 12 A-level PE Curriculum MapYear 12 OCR Sport Curriculum Map

Year 13 A-level PE Curriculum MapYear 13 OCR Sport Curriculum Map

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