History & Politics


History at Chiswick School seeks to fire pupils' curiosity about the past. We strive to encourage our students to be ambitious and independent learners, who are able to ask and answer questions, evaluate evidence, identify and analyse different interpretations and to substantiate arguments and judgments they make about the past. In order for our students to appreciate why they are learning history, we make links with the present and encourage our students to frequently debate the significance of events and people in the past. Our belief is that history should be at the heart of a child’s education, encouraging an understanding of our ethnic and cultural diversity, helping students to understand the world about them today and fostering confident and questioning individuals.

Our curriculum is carefully selected to provide students with a broad chronological understanding of world history and Britain’s place within this wider scope. Students will gain confidence in both their content knowledge and historical skills, giving them the foundation to become analytical thinkers and the cultural capital to succeed in their future learning. A strong focus on reading develops our students’ literacy and encourages vocabulary acquisition, in turn enabling students to access high level academic work.

Our Teachers

Please click on the links below to view the 2021-22 Curriculum Maps for History & Politics.


Year 7 Curriculum Map

Year 8 Curriculum Map

Year 9 Curriculum Map

Year 10 Curriculum Map

Year 11 Curriculum Map

Year 12 Curriculum Map

Year 13 Curriculum Map


Year 12 Curriculum Map

Year 13 Curriculum Map

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