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Eco Ethos Statement

Hi! Welcome to the Chiswick School Eco Team page.

Our Goal is to help make Chiswick School more eco friendly and sustainable; not just for us, but for our local environment in general.

Eco Team logo, by Emma Y9Our targets for this year include:

  • Implementing red recycling bins (plastic and cans)
  • Stopping littering
  • Planting more trees/plants
  • Creating places for friendly critters to live, including bird boxes
  • Saving electricity across the school

Chiswick School is working towards creating an environmentally friendly experience for all students. Have a look through this page to see what we have done/are doing!

Written by Demi, Rosa and Sofia. Signed by the rest of our Y9 team.

Summary of Eco-Team activitiesClimate conference, students building a model wind turbine

  • Working with KS3 students at the allotment, developing practical skills such as gardening, building and teamwork; whilst learning about agriculture and environmental science
  • Giving badges to recognise student’s pro-environmental initiative
  • Meeting with SLT to share student views on environmental issues
  • Performing a student-led Environmental Review of our school, developing an Action Plan to improve our environmental impact
  • Holding Committee meetings where students, staff members, parents and governors are invited to attend
  • Writing articles for the school newsletter promoting environmentalism and showing the school our progress
  • Participating in events, such as a Model UN Climate Conference and pollution monitor construction
  • Promoting nationwide environmental events such as no-car day
  • Acquiring new resources for the school such as recycling bins for classrooms and larger red recycling bins (thanks to the PTA).

Links to our work

Eco Activities and Evidence May 2019 - October 2020

Eco Team and Committee Meeting Minutes


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