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Welcome to the Sixth Form Learning Zone

Welcome to The Sixth Form Virtual Learning Zone, where you will find everything needed to continue with a seamless Yr 12 curriculum. 

All lessons will be set on SMHW, with links to other platforms like Google Meet and Google Classroom. 

Alongside the curriculum there is a weekly UCAS programme, Enrichment links to Future Learn  and EtonX.

ParentMails and emails are sent on a weekly basis regarding all other opportunities.

Please click on the expandable sections below for further information and resources.



Please click on the following link to access the Show My Homework site -

Show My Homework

Live Lesson Behaviour Policy




FutureLearn online courses consist of pre-recorded video lectures and readings that you can work through on a weekly schedule or when it's convenient for you. They also have student discussions on every page of the course. Some have online practice quizzes, homework or assignments.These courses are free. See below for some examples and have fun exploring the website - Universities and employers value highly these free online courses, which also help substantiate personal statements for UCAS and interviews.

We would like you to try at least 1 of these courses this half term. More information can be found here -

There are a wealth of subjects to support you with your A Level Studies and subject staff may have directed you to some already. There are also lots of exciting ‘boredom buster’ courses which you might enjoy -


Examples of courses on FutureLearn

Course Course Content Duration Course Link
Save the world

Explore sustainable practices that protect our planet and learn how to promote positive change in the world with online environmental courses. Here is an example of one of the many courses:

Causes of Human Disease: Nutrition and Environment  - University of Leeds

Explore how what we eat and environmental factors such as toxins can be causes of disease.

2 weeks

4 hrs per week

Click HERE
True Crime Lovers

These courses explore criminology and forensics, letting you learn how crimes are solved - and can even teach you how to write your own true crime story.

Forensic Facial Reconstruction: Finding Mr X - the University of Sheffield

Learn about forensic technique of facial reconstruction from the experts involved in a real crime case.

2 weeks

2 hrs per week

Click HERE
Understand the World

Get curious about the world around us, exploring the fascinating intricacies of our world, from economics and diplomacy to gender identity. 

Beyond the Ballot: Women’s Rights and Suffrage from 1866 to Today - Royal Holloway, University of London and UK Parliament

Explore the campaign for women’s right to vote and its impact on women’s rights and equality to the present day.

4 weeks

5 hrs per week

Click HERE

Holidays and Travel

Go globetrotting with free online courses exploring different cultures and idioms, letting you learn a new language and plan your next trip abroad!

Learn new skills and pursue your interests, choosing from 9 short online courses, exploring languages and culture across the world.

  Click HERE
Discover your roots

Take time to delve into your family history with online genealogy courses or back in time to explore new lands through history and culture courses. Here’s an example of one course:

Learning from the Past: A Guide for the Curious Researcher - The University of Nottingham, British Library & University of Birmingham

Learn how to understand the past to explain the present, and get to know the amazing sources and resources of the British Library.

3 weeks

4 hrs per week

Click HERE


Examples of Boredom Busters on FutureLearn

Boredom Buster Content Duration Link
Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game  - Reading University

Learn basic Java programming by developing a mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone or tablet.

5  week course

4 hrs per week 

Click HERE
Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game - Griffith University (highly ranked Australian University)

Learn basic Java programming by developing a mobile game that you can run on your computer, Android phone or tablet.

2 week course

3 hours a week

Click HERE

50 Free Things You Can Do During Lockdown

Run out of things to do in quarantine?  FutureLearn have really got you covered with 50 fun, free ways to keep busy during the coronavirus lockdown:

Go to the opera, Pop into the Tate, Walk around Paris, Write a screenplay.. And the list goes on...

  Click HERE


Please click on the link below to view information on Wellbeing.

Chiswick School Wellbeing


Please click on the document links below to download useful Wellbeing resources.

Five ways to wellbeing

The March Network

Support for Parents

Mind - Supporting your teens wellbeing

Talking about Mental Health


Eton College has provided these online resources and are delighted to welcome Chiswick School students onto an EtonX course. The course focuses on writing skills and will provide you with exciting resources and teaching materials which will hopefully support you with your studies and throughout life. 

Please follow the guidelines below to access this course. 

This is a fantastic resource and will support you in the future.

Chiswick School is expecting all Year 12 students to complete this course. Please note this course is labelled as Year 13 but is for you. 

Year 13 access code: Please contact to receive  your code.

Redemptions available: 122

How to sign up to your EtonX course:

  1. Visit the EtonX website and click Sign up.
  2. Choose Sign up with Access Code. 
  3. Enter your Access Code.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. Please sign up with your school email address.
  5. Congratulations! You can now get started on your course.

Once you have created your account, you can always log in at to finish your registration and access your course. If you face any issues during sign up or have any questions, please contact  


Please click on the link below to view information from Ofqual.

Summer 2020 FAQ from Ofqual


Please click on the link below to access information about the BBC’s Education Resources for Home Schooling.

School's Out, Learning's Not!

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