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47 Ideas: How To Teach Online Another list of useful resources collated by Robin Macpherson for teaching online.  Click HERE
A Parents guide to coping with school closures

A comprehensive free online guide: The Parents' Guide to coping with school closures. 
This free interactive guide provides parents with important information on:

  1. Coronavirus - what it is and how you can protect you and your family;
  2. What to do if your family becomes infected;
  3. Ways to boost your child's immune system;
  4. How you can help your child study at home;
  5. The impact of cancelled examinations;
  6. Strategies to protect your child's mental health; 
  7. How to look after yourself as a parent.
Click HERE
Anxiety: How best to support children and young people during COVID-19 A resource created by the West Midlands Teacher Network (2018 TF trainees) Click HERE
Chartered College Impact articles Collection of articles from Impact magazine arranged by theme Click HERE
Children's Wellbeing Many students will struggle with anxiety at this time. Phoenix Education have provided some amazing resources to help parents and teachers support children's wellbeing.  Click HERE
CPD Resources Further CPD opportunities have been collated in a dropbox list here via a tweet by Kathryn Morgan. Click HERE
Distance Learning Design

With the sudden need to design distance learning courses, Harry Fletcher-Wood shares some experiences and recommendations:

  1. Identifying what matters most in our teaching now, and finding ways to do it at distance
  2. Setting simple tasks which students can get used to doing well
  3. Sharing what you want students to do and why, now
  4. Checking student understanding
  5. Picking simple tech solutions
  6. Helping students form habits
Click HERE
Long-haul shutdown Tom Sherrington's blog on Teacherhead Click HERE
Mastering Remote Teaching, Doug Lemov Article of synchronous and asynchronous learning and they are sharing videos of teachers working online and discussing what they're  learning and what they think works. Click HERE
Motivating Distance Learners

A further blog considers how to motivate distant learners. Teachers are obviously concerned for how to help students keep learning when schools are closed, and the risk that this will only widen the attainment gap. He suggests some simple nudges to help increase the chances of students engaging by: 

  • Clarifying the habits they should pursue
  • Encouraging them not to ‘miss out’ on seeing friends
  • Emphasising what we expect and what’s being achieved
  • Helping them plan what to do, when
  • Simplifying everything
  • Creating and highlighting small wins, to show students it works
  • Relaunching habits when students struggle
Click HERE
Open content journals, articles, books Explore academic content on JSTOR that is open to everyone, everywhere. Search thousands of free journal articles and open access book chapters. Click HERE
Selected Reading List Cath Scott at the Chartered College has compiled this list of resources on distance and home learning. Click HERE
Teaching in the Time of COVID Ross McGill has collated a great list of resources and an important reminder to consider personal and professional safeguarding obligations before contemplating  online technology to connect with pupils. Click HERE
Tom Sherrington - Rosenshine Principles Tom Sherrington has kindly shared his resources from his Rosenshine masterclass for free.  Click HERE
How to create boundaries between work and leisure at the end of your working from home day.   Click HERE
Beyond the Blackboard A YouTube channel helping students become independent learners and keep them motivated.  Click HERE
Radio Blogging Straight after Joe's exercises.  9.30am each week-day. Pie Corbett, Deputy Mitchell, Ian Rockey and Russell Prue, just listen and blog, it’s live, fun and interactive with new educational tasks each day for your students whether at home or in school. Thousands are listeinng and schools are sending blogs in. Click HERE
Helpful information to answer questions from children

Coronavirus is all over the news, with talk of schools closing, events being cancelled, and people being kept in quarantine. It’s understandable that many children, and adults, are anxious about the virus and how it could impact them.  

How can you support your child, and yourself, with these concerns? Place2Be share some of our tips, and some useful resources, to put this in context.  

Click HERE
Looking after your families mental health while staying at home Many families across the UK are now adapting their normal routines and staying at home in order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). For parents and carers with children in the house – or preparing for the imminent closure of schools across the UK - this can present particular challenges. Click HERE
Talking to children about school closures Nicola Noble, Co-Head Teacher at Surrey Square Primary School (one of Place2Be’s long-standing partner schools), has written a blog on how to talk with children about school closures. Click HERE


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