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Welcome to the Creative Zone

Welcome to the Creative Zone. If you would like to complete this work it is entirely up to you. Subjects have designed this project work to keep you busy and we hope that you enjoy exploring the site. 

Please click on the expandable sections below for further information and resources.


Please click on the links below to view a selection of Art tasks for you to enjoy.

A Colouring Book

Art Class - Line and Pattern

Art Class - Composition

Chiswickmon - Create your own Pokemon



To keep you active during this period why not give one of Miss Knights dance routines a go. 

They are very simple and can be followed by anyone, young and old. We will be updating then every week with a new dance. 

Why not film yourself once you have completed some can see the results.

Good luck, and dance like no one is watching! 


Drame Project - Dubsmash

Some of you will be aware of “TIKTOK”…some of you may also be aware of the trend for “dubsmash” where the users dub a famous song or comedy sketch..

For your Drama Creative project we would like you to try one out!

Think of a film monologue that you could use.

We have included some examples for you.

You can do it as an individual or get really creative and invite “friends” to remotely join in!

I have also included some examples of an actor doing them to give you an idea of what we are looking for….click HERE to view.

Good luck…and looking forward to see the results.

Send results to:

Some examples of monologues from films you could use…

They will need editing and cutting down …but enjoy :)

Willy Wonka

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Inglourious Basterds

Avengers: Endgame

The Return of the King (LoTR)

Dirty Harry


Chiswick School Audiobooks

Listen to our introduction to our English Departments Audiobooks by clicking HERE

You can also access our AudioBook folder by clicking HERE


Please check this section of the website regularly as we are in the process of creating exciting resources for you to enjoy.


Year 7 project (Charanga/Yumu - please see SMHW)

Years 8 and 9

Compose your own Body Percussion sequence to be taught to your class in September. Use these videos for ideas:


Chiswick Book Festival

Young People’s Poetry Competition 2020

A competition to encourage young people to enjoy creating their own poems.

Many thanks for your interest and participation in the Chiswick Book Festival Young People’s Poetry Competition. We are excited that this year is our 10th anniversary.

In these difficult times as schools are online now and probably will remain so for quite a while, many arrangements have to change. As St Michael’s and All Angels Parish Office is currently closed, we are only able to accept emailed entries, whether these are from individuals or classes (sent in by a teacher or school librarian.)

All entries must include the correct entry form (individual or class entry) available on the website below.

We need the following information with every individual and class entry (not on the front of the poem):  writer’s name, year group, poem title and school. Full rules are available on the website too.

The deadline for entries is Monday June 8th 2020.   Each child, aged from 8 to 12, may enter one original poem on any theme of their choice, up to 25 lines long. It must be their own unaided work.

Email entries to:

Full details, rules, entry forms and selected 2019 winning poems available on:

NB. The rules may still say that you can post entries.  This is not the case.  All entries must be sent by email.

The judging team looks forward to reading your poems.

Poetry for Heroes

Whilst we are still facing further weeks of lockdown, we have set up a competition asking everyone to write a poem about this time of lockdown/coronavirus and what it means to you! These poems can be long, short, a haiku, a limerick, a stream of consciousness, anything you like! 

We will be asking everyone to send their Poems in to the @poetryforheroes Instagram page, however the competition is in collaboration with Knight Frank. 5 lucky people will have their poems chosen and they will be featured on their Instagram page with nearly 100,000 followers! 

This competition will be raising money for Barts Charity. This NHS trust covers the Nightingale Hospital as well as a further 5 hospitals. 

Please click on the link for further information -


Please check this section of the website regularly as we are in the process of creating exciting resources for you to enjoy.





Interested in finding out more about sustainability in your local community? Keen to develop a strategy with like-minded students who also want to ensure that we continue to strive to be green even through Coronavirus? If so please email and ASAP to be involved.

Please click on the following links for more details:

Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals

Learning about the Sustainable Development Goals


Typing Club


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